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Android 开发技术周报 Issue#271

Android Weekly /2020-03-09


  1. Pixel 4a真机照曝光:谷歌首次采用挖孔设计 小巧的塑料材质单手新机

  2. Android 11 Developer Preview首次更新发布

  3. [图]Android 10获新功能:分享菜单可固定常用应用程序

  4. [视频]新Feature Drop汇总:Pixel 4可隔空切歌 添加169个emoji

  5. 受美国疫情影响 Google I/O 2020开发者大会宣告取消


  1. 了解一下,Android 10中的ART虚拟机(3)

  2. Room 中的数据库关系

  3. DX 已被弃用,请尽快迁移至 D8


  1. okhttp-idling-resource

    An Espresso IdlingResource for OkHttp.

  2. ProgressButton

    Android Progress Button

  3. AnimatedTabLayout

    Yet another android tab layout

  4. StackView

    A simple Android stack view, build in Kotlin

  5. compose-navigation

    Navigate completely within Jetpack Compose

  6. BannerViewPager

    🚀 An awesome banner for Android. 这可能是全网最好用的Banner。简单、高效,无缝衔接Kotlin。一行代码实现循环轮播,一屏三页任意变,指示器样式任你挑。

  7. OvalLockView


  8. Imaging

    Android Image Edit Lib. Android 图片编辑库,微信图片编辑库

  9. okservable

    👀 Multiplatform Kotlin library containing observable data structures, such as ObservableList, ObservableSet and ObservableMap.

  10. AnimatedBottomBar

    A customizable and easy to use BottomBar navigation view with sleek animations.

  11. StateLayout

    一行代码配置缺省页, Android最强缺省页框架, 支持代码/布局声明/视图对象回调/全局/单例配置/数据传递

  12. Channel

    使用协程通道实现Android项目中的事件总线, 具备LiveData/LifeCycle/Coroutine特性, 无需注册注销, 支持标签/消息/异常处理/异步

  13. BRV

    RecycleView扩展: 多类型/选择模式/拖拽侧滑/头脚布局/伸缩/下拉刷新上拉加载/分页刷新/缺省页/双向数据绑定Databinding/过滤点击/Kotlin DSL

  14. StatusBar


  15. Net

    Android 最强网络请求库, 不仅仅是网络请求的异步框架, 支持Kotlin/协程/并发/自动化/预读缓存/转换器/异常处理的全能网络请求库

  16. DanmukuLight


  17. EasyBarrage


  18. SugarAdapter

    Make RecyclerView.Adapter Great Again!

  19. transferee

    transferee 可以帮助你完成从缩略图到原图的无缝过渡转变,功能体系仿照并涵盖 ios 版本的 QQ、微信朋友圈、新浪微博的图片浏览功能。

  20. android-maps-ktx

    Kotin extensions (KTX) for the Google Maps SDK for Android Utility Library

  21. TaskScheduler

    A concise,practical async library for Android project,already was used in million devices

  22. gradle-global-plugin

    A Gradle Plugin for Global Configuration

  23. VectorifyDaHome

    📱 Minimal app to apply wallpapers from a vast (400+) collection of vector graphics 🙃 :trollface:

  24. Showly-2.0

    Showly 2.0 is modern, slick, open-sourced and completely free Android TV Shows Tracker.


  1. android-dynamic-code-loading

    Android dynamic code loading sample for Dynamic Feature Modules.


  1. deep-clean

    A Kotlin script that nukes all build caches from Gradle/Android projects. Useful when Gradle or the IDE let you down 💔


  1. fucking-algorithm

    手把手撕LeetCode题目,扒各种算法套路的裤子,not only how,but also why. English version supported!