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Android 开发技术周报 Issue#265

Android Weekly /2020-01-28


  1. 谷歌打造安卓版“AirDrop”:新功能将集成到新版中

  2. [图]Pixel 4a将于5月12日召开I/O 2020开发者大会登场

  3. Google I/O 2020开发者大会将于5月12日举办

  4. 14%的Android应用隐私政策和数据收集行为自相矛盾

  5. 谷歌发布迄今最大高分辨大脑连接图


  1. FlowNav

    a mobile library for Android that helps and provider a better way to make multi-modules navigation.

  2. inject

    A simple Kotlin multi-platform abstraction around the javax.inject annotations.

  3. kmp-android-ios-starter

    Starter Project for Kotlin Multiplatform for Android and iOS

  4. Pikolo

    An android color picker library

  5. RealtimeBarcodeTracker

    Track barcodes in real-time using Android NDK and OpenCV

  6. RxCentralBle

    A reactive, interface-driven central role Bluetooth LE library for Android

  7. Android-Zxing

    android google zxing 可配置扫描框、线样式 ,生成二维码(文字、联系人)

  8. propCheck
    Property based testing for kotlintest ported from quickcheck

  9. ExprK

    A simple mathematical expression evaluator for Kotlin and Java, written in Kotlin.

  10. SwipeMenuLayout



  1. Kotlin-Multiplatform MVVM (Android & iOS)

    Example of application using Kotlin Multiplatform and MVVM pattern for both platforms (Android & iOS).


  1. Cimoc

    Android 平台在线漫画阅读器

  2. Braincup

    Build an open source math, memory and focus improvement app. The app itself consists of a bunch of small games. Right now I try to keep the games as simple as possible to allow the implementation for the terminal client.


  1. redacted-compiler-plugin

    A Kotlin compiler plugin that generates redacted toString() implementations.


  1. Dagger Browser

    Simple tool for browsing Dagger graphs generated via an SPI plugin

  2. FCM push sender

    IntelliJ IDEA plugin to send pushes using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)


  1. 用LLVM开发新语言


  1. 这些野生动物的病毒怎么就到了人类社会?| 石正丽 一席第600位讲者

  2. 休息都不会,谈什么奋斗?

  3. 2019新型冠状病毒的来龙去脉