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Android 开发技术周报 Issue#250

Android Weekly /2019-10-14


  1. 安卓标杆旗舰突然上架:重要配置全曝光

  2. 谷歌或于近期恢复对华为的GMS服务供应

  3. 谷歌官方首次提及Android 11

  4. 谷歌 Pixel 4 发布会前瞻:全新外观多项黑科技 还有 5G 版?

  5. Android 10推进:谷歌将于明年2月停止旧版系统的GMS认证

  6. 谷歌被曝正在测试Pixel 4 5G版本 并且已经在中国试生产

  7. [图]2019年10月Android安全补丁发布:共计修复26处漏洞

  8. 谷歌统一Android 10.0开机图案:新字体和机器人LOGO上线

  9. 谷歌将强制OEM厂商隐藏非原生Android导航选项

  10. [图]快充混战局面即将缓解:谷歌要求新安卓设备必须兼容USB-PD


  1. Beagle

    A smart and reliable companion library for debugging your Android apps

  2. Orient – UI

    🍉Orient-Ui is a Android Ui Library~

  3. WaveformControl

    Interface for displaying audio data as waveform for Android.

  4. Empress

    Android framework for ruling your app

  5. marathon

    Cross-platform test runner written for Android and iOS projects

  6. hypershard-android

    A fast and easy CLI tool that leverages AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) to parse test files for the purposes of test collection.

  7. GIFCompressor

    Compresses your GIFs into lightweight MP4 video using fast, hardware accelerated encoders. Supports cropping, rotation, GIF concatenation and much more.

  1. Hardcoder

    一套 Android APP 与系统间的通信解决方案,突破了 APP 只能调用系统标准 API,无法直接调用系统底层硬件资源的问题,让 Android APP 和系统能实时通信。APP 能充分调度系统资源如 CPU 频率,大小核,GPU 频率等来提升 APP 性能,系统能够从 APP 侧获取更多信息以便更合理提供各项系统资源。同时,对于 Android 缺乏标准接口实现的功能,APP 和系统也可以通过该框架实现机型适配和功能拓展。

  2. PanelSwitchHelper

    ✔️ A framework that helps the keyboard smoothly transition to the function panel

  3. Android RetroFix

    Backports Java 8 APIs (java.util.Optional, java.util.function,, java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture) to Android APIs < 24 (Android 7.0 Nougat)

  4. BubbleSeekBar

    A beautiful Android custom seekbar, which has a bubble view with progress appearing upon when seeking. 自定义SeekBar,进度变化更以可视化气泡样式呈现

  5. AdvancedRecycleView

    ♻ RecycleView with multiple view types, inner horizontal RecycleView and layout animation

  6. Insetter

    a library to help apps handle WindowInsets more easily

  7. Crumb

    An annotation processor for breadcrumbing metadata across compilation boundaries.

  8. Formula

    A functional reactive framework for managing state and side effects based on RxJava.

  9. shotwatch

    Android Screenshot Watcher (Screenshot Detection)

  10. YCWebView


  11. WeDialog

    A simple, support customView dialog library based on DialogFragment. We can use it to show dialog more simply.

  12. TimeLinePicker

    a library for people who want to show or pick up timelines on a table of 24 hours of a week, you could easily use it by default styles or you could diy your own colors and limitations.

  13. KFormMaster

    Generic form builder in Kotlin


  1. YalpStore

    Download apks from Google Play Store

  2. SmsCodeHelper


  3. WiFiAnalyzer
    Android application to analyze WiFi signals.

  4. AR-Toolbox

    ARCore & Sceneform Playground


  1. Android X2J

    一个 Gradle 插件,它可以在 APK 编译期间 自动 将你的 XML 布局翻译成 Java 代码,并 自动 注入到 Activity 和自定义布局中。


  1. n8n

    Free node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.

  2. displayplacer

    macOS command line utility to configure multi-display resolutions and arrangements. Essentially XRandR for macOS.

  3. Android Emulator Container Scripts

    a set of minimal scripts to run the emulator in a container for various systems such as Docker, for external consumption. The scripts are compatible with both Python version 2 and 3.

  4. GIT quick statistics

    a simple and efficient way to access various statistics in a git repository.

  5. source-pilot

    A chrome extension to enable IDE like file navigation in GitHub


  1. AndroidFaceInterview

    Android面试题集 & 答案,助你拿到心仪Offer


  1. Represent

    Seamlessly, live and remote directly on your client‘s devices
    without leaving Sketch.