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Android 开发技术周报 Issue#239

Android Weekly /2019-07-29


  1. 谷歌证实部分安卓用户搜索出现BUG 无法加载全部结果

  2. Google发布Gallery Go:快速简洁的离线整理照片应用

  3. Google智能助理测试直接从Android锁屏上发送文本

  4. [图]谷歌推Byteboard:以工作能力考核程序员面试者​

  5. Google称它已经取消了面向中国的Project Dragonfly项目


  1. Android 中的 Hardware Layer 详解

  2. Android Q 开发者常见问题 | FAQ・第二期


  1. Chamber

    ? Simplifies sharing fields and communication between Android components with custom scopes that are lifecycle aware.

  2. AutoSkeleton

    Yet Another skeleton loading library provides an easy way to show skeleton loading like Facebook or Alipay Automatically aiming performance and extensibility

  3. kotlin-flow-extensions

    Extensions to the Kotlin Flow library.

  4. Norris

    Showcase for Unidirectional Data Flow architecture for Android, powered by Kotlin Coroutines

  5. Ulfberht

    ?️ A small but powerful & opinionated DI library. Written in Kotlin, and powered by annotation processing.

  6. AssistedInjection

    Dagger Assisted Injection Sample with Age of Empires API

  7. URLEmbeddedView

    a Android library which alows you show preview data of your URL.

  8. CheckableTextView

    A simple and flexible Checked TextView or Checkable TextView

  9. kesho

    store cache any data type string, boolean, jsonObject, jsonArray, …..


  1. Expenses

    App written in Kotlin for budget tracking.

  2. QKSMS

    The most beautiful SMS messenger for Android


  1. LivePlugin

    a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs to write plugins at runtime using Groovy and Kotlin.


  1. frida-unpack



  1. Eva Design System

    ?Customizable Design System easily adaptable to your Brand.


  1. 中年职场男创业开店一年实录

  2. 我们在imo上的A/B和踩过的坑