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Android 开发技术周报 Issue#235

Android Weekly /2019-07-01


  1. 谷歌自研Fuchsia OS系统网站上线

  2. [图]谷歌已开始全面推进Android Auto 4.4重大版本更新部署

  3. 一文看懂谷歌平板史 :你会发现被谷歌蠢哭了

  4. 为期两年的研究揭示了Android的大问题 – 应用易被假冒

  5. 印度:谷歌滥用Android主导地位 剥夺手机厂商选择权

  6. [图]初探谷歌Fast Share:无网也能快速跨平台传输文件

  7. 谷歌宣布DNS Over HTTPS服务普遍可用

  8. [图]移动端谷歌图片搜索现新增“Share”选项 可快速分享至Gmail等应用

  9. 谷歌“电子书”专利曝光 拥有多片可翻页显示屏

  10. [图]Pixel 4开始终于支持P3广色域拍照功能


  1. 治治这个 google 一年没修的 agp transform bug

  2. [译] Android 生命周期备忘录 —— 第四部分:ViewModel、半透明 Activity 及启动模式

  3. Android 单元测试和 UI 测试初步实践


  1. Qigsaw

    a dynamic modularization library which is based on Android App Bundles. It supports dynamic delivery for split APK without reinstalling the base one.

  2. notification-channel-compat

    Adds Notification Channels Ability to Pre-Oreo Android Devices

  3. Overflow Pager Indicator widget

    Simple paging indicator widget with pager dataset ovewflow effect à la Instagram behavior

  4. VerticalSeekBar

    A nicer, redesigned and vertical SeekBar

  5. Core (Coroutines backed Store)

    a Kotlin library for effortless data loading.

  6. MXFlutter

    基于JS的高性能Flutter动态化框架 high-performance Flutter dynamic framework based on JS

  7. Only

    ? An easy way to persistence and run block codes only as many times as necessary on Android.


  1. Kotlin iOS Universal Framework

    A Gradle plugin that generates a universal framework from Kotlin/Native frameworks and a binary associated podspec.

  2. android gradle plugin transform patch


  1. Gridea



    Record your screen right from the browser.
    No installation required.

  3. Whimsical

    Sticky Notes、Flowcharts、Wireframes and Mind Maps

  4. Epiboard

    Web Extension — A new tab page extension with material design and useful features ? ?

  5. VS Code Profile Switcher

  6. Dynamic Wallpaper Club

    MacOS 动态壁纸下载网站,壁纸会随着一天里面的时间不同,自动变换。


  1. Android Kotlin Fundamentals

    Android Kotlin Fundamentals leads you through a series of codelabs that teach you the fundamentals of building Android apps in Kotlin.


  1. GitHub 中文帮助文档


  1. 阿里统计了2200张banner,发现影响点击这6大因素!


  1. VECTARY 3.0

    一个在线三维实景设计网站,设计师无需下载就可以在线3D建模,设计可直接插入网站或实景显示。5月底Vectary 刚刚开始支持4亿的Android系统用户也拥有3D或AR体验。而且开放支持多种设计格式。


  1. 从天而降的六百万美金——浅谈整流罩伞降回收的前生今世

  2. 7步打造受益10年的阅读系统