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Android 开发技术周报 Issue#231

Android Weekly /2019-06-03


  1. [图]Google Play商店更新 迎来全新外观

  2. 谷歌Pixel 4曝光:采用挖孔屏设计

  3. 谷歌在Google Play上推出了针对儿童应用程序的新政策

  4. 谷歌称其Digital Wellbeing软件并未影响Pixel手机性能

  5. Google Lens新功能将于本周向Android/iOS用户推送

  6. [视频]谷歌开放Android Q桌面模式API 第三方Launcher已在路上

  7. 驳回开发者请求 Android Q会继续限制Wi-Fi自动扫描


  1. 关于线程和I/O模型的极简知识

开源库 & App

  1. booster

    专门为移动应用而设计的简单易用、轻量级、功能强大且可扩展的质量优化工具包,其通过动态发现和加载机制提供可扩展的能力,换言之,Booster 也是一个移动应用质量优化框架。

  2. CalendarView

    A highly customizable calendar library for Android, powered by RecyclerView.

  3. KotlinMultiPlatform

    MultiPlatform Kotlin App (Android & iOS). MVVM – Dagger – Kotlin MultiPlatform

  4. Spanomatic

    Automatically add spans to text from Android resources strings

  5. CameraRecorder-android

    Video Recording with Camera2 and apply video filter.

  6. Android-GPUImage-Plus

    Android Image & Camera Filters Based on OpenGL.

  7. knot

    Reactive state container for Android & Kotlin


  1. AnExplorer

    an All-in-One Open source file manager. AnExplorer File Manager (File Explorer) is designed for all android devices including Phones, Phablets, Tablets, Chromecast, Wear OS, Android TV and Chromebooks. It’s a fully designed with Material guidelines by Google.

  2. MindCast

    A React-Native streaming-audio app that provides knowledge in the form of Podcasts.


  1. android-build-filter-gradle-plugin

    一个小众需求下移除 Android 构建中 Jar 包、AAR 包、构建冗余 class 文件的 Gradle 插件。


  1. ShellCheck

    A shell script static analysis tool


  1. Android Q Beta 测试计划介绍 | Android 中文教学视频

  2. Android Q 对非 SDK 接口限制的更新 | Android 中文教学视频


  1. Android Developer Roadmap 2019


  1. 写给设计师的指南:如何为即将到来的 Dark Mode 做好准备

  2. Google Translate 改版经验谈

  3. 如何在一分钟内获得300张抽象海报?


  1. 如何在一家内容公司,从零搭建一支技术团队